Chickens and push bikes


5 Years
Mar 28, 2014
My chickens have just gone mental when I brought my push bike out of the shed for the first time this year. Seemed very agitated by it. All I did was rest it against the wall opposite the run. They were clucking loudly, running around, getting very flighty. They have seen the bike before last summer so it's nothing new and they were in their run at the time, they calmed down when I put the bike out of view. They have seen odd objects before cement mixers, ladders all sorts but seemed very stressed out with the bike, why would this be? :-/

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If they see something new in their environment, like your new bike, they tend to be wary of it for a while. It's just like if you roll a ball over to my chickens, they'll start squawking.
It's just a normal behavior and they'll get over it once they realize your bike is not out to kill them.
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