Chickens are becoming addictive..


6 Years
Apr 2, 2013
So we finally did it! We got our first set of chicks about 6 weeks ago. Went into TSC and got 6 red pullets. And a box coop, a friend called us "Slickers" I said -- HEY whatever gets me chicks!-- The girls just LOVE them and they even enjoy helping me clean out the coop and fed/water them.

I am thinking one of these is probably a Roo but I don't know how to tell, I may even have two roos. Two of them seem a bit more prone to fight and bicker than the others, and they aren't as big around as the other four, they have longer necks too. I have 6 of this breed total...

THEN, it was time to get more chicken feed, I couldn't help myself, I saw these black beauties and knew I had to have them as well.

the box said they were miniature bantams they are MUCH smaller than the reds I got-- probably 1/2 the size as when they were this age. I hope these are both hens, they are just so pretty!

Any tips on adding them to the flock once my new babies are done under the heat lamp? I live in Texas and we've had our last Easter freeze.


6 Years
Jun 17, 2013
Congratulations on the new chickens! They can be very addictive, I just got my two first hens on Sunday and I'm already getting another one tomorrow! it is seriously impossible not to get more!
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