Chickens are missing lost of feathers look really scrawny unhealthy

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    Jun 6, 2008
    We used to have a rooster however we got rid of him shortly after this all our chickens began pecking each other and ended up killing one its really bad we have tried giving them more space and we have tried separating them for periods of time to find out who's doing it but its not working but nothing seems to work all the feathers on the lower back are gone and the skin is bare sometimes they bleed because of all the pecking I have only had them a year and am clueless as to what to do we really need help. they are quite bare and look as if they were plucked while alive and I don't want anymore dead chickens please help!we have no local vets
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    separate out any that are bleeding and treat the wounds (see below)
    blood will cause further picking.

    stress, nutritional deficiency, lack of protein, overcrowding, boredom can all cause feather picking and cannabalism.

    what ALL do you feed?
    describe the droppings (color and consistency)
    have they been wormed? (if so when and what was used)..
    have they been treated for mites?(if not, treat asap)

    are they kept in a coop?
    do they have a pen?
    do they free range?

    observe the hens and try and figure out who the ring leaders are..
    and separate them.

    make sure they are getting a good quality layer choice..(available at all times)
    give extra protein and vitamins.(poultry vitamins)..
    cooked eggs are a good source of protein.
    you can also mix unmedicated grower feed or game bird feed with the layer feed for a short time.
    you might also try to get some Avia Charge 2000 sold by McMurray Hatchery and Strombergs

    treat any wounds with antibiotic ointment, or Blue Kote (this product will stain)..the blue coloring will help with the bald areas, and helps to discourage pecking wounds..
    there are also anti-pick products, sold at farm/feed stores and also McMurrays.
  3. insideout

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    Jun 6, 2008
    theres 9 in a 70 sq ft coop so I don't think space is a problem
    There poop is normal
    we have given them no shots or anything
    how do you treat for mites that might be the problem.
    they are in a coop
    we have separated 2 black austrolopes because they were the only ones un touched so we figured it was them but it didn't work
    we are giving them the best feed available to us and we often feed them table scraps

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