Chickens are smarter than we think!

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  1. A scientist just did a test! Chickens are smarter than an average 4 year old! They can even do math! Until today pigs were the second smartest animal, but pigs are only smarter than an average 3 year old humane! Now the new 2nd smartest animal is.. THE CHICKEN! [​IMG] Should we be mistreating them? NO! Chickens are now the second smartest animal in the world! I have always tried to convince people they were smart but now I have proof! I'm very happy about this! I'll get the link to where I found this and post it if your interested in learning more!
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    Aug 4, 2013
    No one should mistreat a chicken even if they were the dumbest animal on earth. That being said, anyone that has ever owned chickens knows they are smart as heck. I would love to see that link.
  3. Same here, I'd love a link!
  4. I will go copy and paste a link right now! it's really interesting!
  5. b.hromada

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    Awesome article! Thanks for sharing! I bookmarked it too! I always knew my girls were very smart! You just have to love chickens! [​IMG]

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