Chickens ate some styrofiam and now eggs have strong taste and smell

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  1. grannychic

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    Mar 13, 2013
    I have four chickens 2 Rhode Island Red , 1 Rock Bar / 1 White don't know what kind she is as I don't know that much about chickens. With that said, I had some leftover styrofoam insulation from residing and I figured it would be good to cover the chicken wire on top and bottom of my coop. It is older and made this way, well the chickens think styrofoam is awesome as candy cause the luv it ! After about a week the eggs they were laying now have a weird kinda metal taste and I don't think its poisonous as my dogs luv to eat scrambled eggs but very hard to cook with. I feed them Layena by Purina and they get grass and vegtables. I was wondering if they have some kind of infection as the eggs were good tasting before this. Should I take one of my girls to a vet or is this a nutrient deficiency ? This has been going on since the middle of November and have taken down the foam and the eggs still funny.
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    Nov 4, 2013
    Had the same problem ! Don't worry this to will pass ! LOL

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