Chickens attack at feeding time

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    Apr 2, 2011
    My husband goes out to feed the chickens in the morning, and evening, and they are on attack mode when he gets there. I say they must need more food. They are 8-9 weeks old, and on the second kind of food (cant remember, but its a step up from the chickie food) There are ten chickens, do they need like a big feeder and food there ALL day long? Or can you feed them twice a day like this? How much food a day would you say 10 young hens should go thru? And when do they start laying eggs?[​IMG]
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    Dec 11, 2010
    [​IMG] from Ga Chickens and chicks need food to eat all day. They will not over eat.
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    Usually it is best just to get a feeder and fill it up with food. Might make it easier so you don't have to feed everyday. [​IMG]
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    I would attack too if I was growing like a weed and only being fed twice a day. [​IMG] Like the others have said, they need food 24/7; especially during the rapid growth stage.
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    Mar 15, 2011
    I'd suggest providing access to food (and water) all day long...maybe even in the coop at night.

    Lots of folks make big ones from 5 gallon buckets for a reason.

    I guess you can look on the bright side. Sounds like the chicks are warming up to you guys and ought to make good pets.
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    I'll take a different slant. Chickens sometimes react this way, even when there is still pellets in the feeder. It is kind of Pavlovian. I wouldn't make too much of it.

    Contrary to other opinions, feed does not need to be present 24/7. Feeding on a ration schedule is an honored management system. That said, you might want to be sure they are getting a proper ration portion. If you feed an adequate portion in the morning, this rabid, over the top behavior shouldn't be this violent in the afternoon. I also suspect the overly competitive behavior is indeed intensified by having too small of feeders. You hinted their feeder isn't large enough.

    10 Chickens of that age will consume 2-3 lbs of feed per day handily. Try a larger feeder tray and feed a larger ration in the morning and see if it helps.
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