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Sep 6, 2014
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I've started a small cactus farm in central texas and have recently acquired chickens. I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences with chickens and cactus. My question is will the chickens eat the cactus? I was considering planting agave (thorns cut off) and spineless prickly pear in the free range area. But I'm not sure if it would be harmful to chickens or to the cactus, because the cactus can be very large and almost impossible to up root when mature. I love my chickies and don't want to hurt them. :cd
I have a bunch of cactus in my front yard next to my front gate, not sure what kind they are except the barrel cactus lol I really dislike all the others there a pain literally. I havent seen my chickens mess with the cactus I think they know that there a pain aswell lol.
Eggcellent! The palms and the cactus are the only things that thrive in Augusts heat. I cut off the giant needles of the agave with dog toenail clippers. The prickly pear have tiny hair like needles and I didn't want that down a chickens throat. Plus if the chickens peck at the cactus flesh it ruins the cactus permantley. Thanks for you're input.
My chickens and guineas like to be in the same spot my prickly pear cactus are located, I thought they wouldn't get near them, I thought wrong I'm trying to find away to keep them away from them or else I won't have no prickly pear to cook 😅😑

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