Chickens, ducks, and turkeys in planted fields ?


Apr 9, 2019
Northern Indiana
Farmer got the soybeans in a few weeks ago and the sprouts are about 2" to 3" high. Mainly in the evening the birds like to go out in the field to scratch and peck like birds do. I don't want to cause any crop damage, but it's hard to tell if they are just looking for bugs are scratching up last years split corn, or eating the fresh bean sprouts.. The ducks move around pretty fast and do the least "pecking" ;the turkeys seem to peck at the ground non stop. Not sure what the chickens are doing. Any insight on the topic ? -Thanks


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Nov 27, 2012
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Ducks are most likely to be the ones eating sprouts.
Either way the scratching could indeed cause damage to plantings,
wonder how your farmer feels about that?
Not sure I'd want my birds in a commercial field due to the chemicals applied.
How may birds are we talking about?

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