Chickens f/s in IN, chicks & adults, guinea keets, more

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    Buff brahma bantam trio: One hen and roo are 2 yrs old, other hen is 6 mos old. $15.00
    Light brahma bantam pair: 4 mos old $10.00
    Standard light brahma pair: 3 yrs old (Won lots of shows in their prime, good breeding stock) $15.00
    BTW Japanese trio, great layers…about 1.5 yrs old $10.00
    Trio of Mille Fluer d’Uccles, nice feet / muffs, 4 mos. $20.00
    3 Pearl Pied guinea, adults, $8.50 ea or $24.00 for the trio
    Trio blue / black silkies breeder quality, 1 yr old $20.00
    Quad of white silkies, pet to breeder quality hens, roo may be show quality…1 yr old, $30.00

    Will make package deal if you take all.
    Sorry, I can’t email pics at this time…but I promise they all look like chickens [​IMG]

    SOME of the birds can be seen on this page

    of BTW Japanese and assorted color phoenix chicks...$1.00 ea
    Guinea keets in assorted colors...$3.00 ea for pearl, $4.00 ea for other colors

    Selling in breeding groups only, cannot sell just the hens, sorry…

    PLEASE, email [email protected] or send pm, I don’t always get the chance to check the boards.

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