Chickens First Eggs! yay

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  1. andy32844

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    Apr 24, 2011
    We got our chicks in early april and they are finally starting to lay. we were pretty excited to see them using the nesting boxes we built. The girls seemed to enjoy sitting in them, but were thrilled now there leaving us eggs! some questions tho. Firstly were only getting a consistent 3 eggs a day, we got 10 hens that we purchased at the same time from chick days that are egg production hens and 3 polish chickens that we adopted from my aunt that are about a month younger. We are assuming that 3 eggs must be only from two chickens beciause one is always smaller than the other two? At what rate will the others start producing eggs? we have about 7 nesting boxes in the coop, 2 of which we threw in some golf balls(someone suggested we try?) with 10 chickens about the same age we should be getting some decent numbers. any insight would be appreciated! thanks.
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    Jun 10, 2011
    North Central NC
    Not sure where you are, but if it has been hot - like here in NC - it might take longer....mine are 24 weeks and one of ours just started laying this past Sunday. The other three haven't started yet...hoping they will begin in the next week or two. That one egg a day doesn't last long [​IMG]

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