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  1. Hi, I am asked all the time "what is the best breed of chicken for a beginner" or "what breed is my faverite". Whenever I am faced with this question I tell the person that it depends on what he wants the bird for and I have to tell him that I am not the person to ask because I have only owned 3-5 diffrent breeds of chickens in my several years.
    anyway, Im asking this for all the newbies out there What chicken breed(s) do you recommend?
    I personally prefure Rocks, Orpingtons, and Astrolorps. because I like duel purpose breeds (meat, eggs, & pets [​IMG]) and I like a chicken that is fluffy with good personalitys pretty colors, a bird that I can pet or that will sit on my arm. They dont get too heavy but they are not light & fragle (like a banti). They CAN fly but they chuse not to (or if they do they stay near home).
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    You kinda covered it all, right there.

    What you said.
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    I hink you pretty much covered it with what you said, right there, except the only other thing is that i think that rhode island reds are good too as are sex links but those breeds you mentioned and the one kathy mentioned are great as well so i think we now pretty much have all the good beginner breeds covered here now... [​IMG]

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