chickens from heaven :)


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Jun 15, 2009
Hello all! I was given 13 chicks from a friend who works at a chicken house nearby. She isn't fond of her job of sorting thru the new arrivals and culling those that aren't up to standards and asked me if I wanted some. I had to laugh.
I have been saying for a while i wanted to have chickens and the Universe handed me 13. I didn't know what breed or sex they were, I have 7 left. They are just getting past their "ugly" stage and I have 4 hens and 3 rooster leghorns. 1 rooster is the runt guy that the others were picking on. My husband and I would take him out of the brooder box and hold him. Now he follows us around. So guess which rooster I can't get rid of... I need to order more hen chicks soon. I have many questions and this website has answered many of them. How old should I let the other 2 roosters get before I have to thin them from the crowd? I have to say chickens are delightful funny creatures. We have two lawn chairs in their pen so we can sit and watch them. I have also been saying I want rabbits and goats too. Gotta get that yard fenced in soon, before they get handed to me too!

Blessed be
I am and have been asking around if anyone wants a rooster or two. I am a hair stylist and own a day spa in a small town. I've asked many people and will continue to. Hence my reason for asking about how big can I or should I let him get.

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