Chickens have messed with my mind!!!


12 Years
Aug 26, 2007
North Carolina
O.k, so last night I had a dream that all of my chickens had vanished. We looked everywhere for them, up and down our street, in our woods, etc. I was so sad but didn't give up looking for them. I went further back into our woods and came across this OLD beaten down shed. I went inside and there were all my chickens in little cages, someone had stolen them and put them with their chickens. SO I figured out who it was and while they were playing golf (there isn't even a golf course around my place) I "stole" my birds back. The person who took them had shaved the feathers off their backs, they looked awful by the way, lol. Then on my way back to the shed to ask the guy how much he would sell his birds to me for, I woke up.

Oh my gosh, what has happened to me?


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12 Years
Jul 12, 2007
Newton NJ
You think you have it bad? I get 3 to 4 dreams of chickens a week. Any meds I can take to get rid of these dreams. I had one nightmare of BYC getting shut down because this was the next addction to illegal drugs lol

Farmer Kitty

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12 Years
Sep 18, 2007
Quote:Yikes!!! Don't shut down BYC in your nightmares!

I have a friend incubating some of my chicken's eggs and it was candling time. All night long I dreamed of eggs. I buried in them-standing up-and trying to candle them. I wonder how bad it would be if I were the one incubating them!

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