Chickens have NO SHAME!


8 Years
May 25, 2011
Sugar Land, TX
I put my injured cornish ( she fell off her roost and sprained her leg) in an old breedin hutch so that she could stay away from my rooster. You know where like on a rabbit hutch, you can cut out a piece where the feeder can go?? Well since there is no feeder there is a hole. And that happened to be where I was feeding my cornish. Then I went inside and came back out and this is what I saw


Again Chickens have no shame!! hahaha I couldn't help but laugh but still, even though there was plenty of food around, it was the fact that my cornish had it. My barred rock is soo silly.

Oh my goodness! So funny! My chickens will have a bowl FULL of chicken feed, oatmeal, or whatever, but BUT they would rather eat if off of the ground if I happened to spill any. Or they will eat it, just they will attempt to stick their head through the chicken wire instead of just walking through the door 12'' to their right...
LOL! Oh yes, they can have 50 pounds of food available but if someone seems to have a tablespoon of the exact same food in a different place, THATS what they want! Tell Lily I said to get well soon, FarmerGrant!

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