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    Nov 1, 2009
    Kirkland, WA
    After several years of keeping chickens quite happily, I was frustrated to find out that in the views of the Kirkland code enforcement team, chickens are not allowed on lots less than 35,000 square feet (.8 acre). Before we ever started keeping them I read up and based on the pages which stated that the King County rules applied (no chickens at large, 5 pairs) and I've somewhat kept to that (down to 5 hens and a bunch of chicks, not all of whom stay). Then I read the annex guidelines and found out that only in newly annexed areas are you allowed 3 chickens per .8 acres. In Kirkland proper, no chickens allowed.

    I am not getting rid of my girls.
    I found a letter (tabled) to the planning commision asking to adopt rules similar to Seattle (six chickens) but it was apparently ignored.
    I'm probably going to attempt to contact planning council members and start bugging people, but part of me says leave well enough alone.
    The code guy was complaining about a tipped over trash can. (yes, really) and specifically said "I wasn't called about chickens, and I don't know or want to know about them." to which I said, "In that case, I don't have any." If I keep my mouth shut and stick to the no rooster rule I should be fine (even I know that most of the chicks I'm raising have to go - never been a question). I know four other people within two miles who keep them (know as in "have seen chickens in their yard") but it appears that we are all just doing the "keep them and keep quiet" thing.

    Anyone been to planning commision meetings before?
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    Hey there: I know what you mean by "leave well enough alone" -- Planning Commission meetings would be a good place to go if it was affecting you, but "don't ask, don't tell" sounds like the right tactic at the moment.

    If it ever becomes a problem for you or anyone you know, then you could start a petition and bring it to council to make changes to adopt either more chickens, or change the rule about roosters, or any variation of the current rules, which are rather stringent.

    re: the rooster rule: I'm sure that rule was made because of noise considerations, but what about a rooster who sleeps in a rooster condo and is never out to crow until after 9am?

    For now: Good luck "staying under the radar." :)
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    Maybe you've seen this by now,. Here's the City of Kirkland Summary on keeping chickens - Effective August 2012:
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    I have not yet been confronted by the city, my neighbors, or have had any complaints, and my backyard has lots and lots of room for them to run around and, well, be chickens. Though my 14 week old BO started crowing this morning at 5:00 and I have not yet made arrangements for him to live elsewhere. I am really hoping that the neighbors do not complain, but if they do, there are plenty of eggs to go around! He should be living in Yakima pretty soon.
    Wish you both luck!

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