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    Mar 13, 2013
    Hello Middlesex chicken-lovers! My name is Stacey, and I want to keep chickens. I have approached the town commission on 2 occasions suggesting that they change the ordinance to allow chickens inside town limits. I collected ordinances from many local towns to illustrate the different options in chicken-friendly laws. I recommended regulations including no roosters, no slaughter, and 8 hens per acre (relative to lot size, ie. 1/4 acre lot could house 2 chickens), and reasonable setbacks from neighboring properties. I even suggested that those residents wanting to own chickens should have to acquire written permission from neighboring property owners and pay a permit fee to the town. I was told by ONE town commissioner that the majority of properties in Middlesex are too small to accommodate chickens and the subject was dropped. I guess the other 4 commissioners are mute because there was no discussion at all.
    I would love to approach the board at the next meeting with more support. One voice is easy to ignore, but a group of residents must be heard, right? If you are in the Middlesex area and would like to support this change, please get in touch with me here or at my personal email, [email protected]. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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