Chickens in the snow.

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  1. We had a signifigant snowfall yesterday and for my first time, I got to see how chickens react to it. Well, they stepped out the door and would not go into the white stuff.
    Shirley took a flying leap over it to land on the basement doors which had no snow on them. Them she couldn't find a way off. I was laughing my behind off. I had to pick her up and put her back because she was trapped by the snow. It's only about two inches deep. [​IMG]

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    My chickens dont like the snow either. We had our first snow Thursday and they have been coop bound since. They will only go in their covered run, But to come out into the yard No way.
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    Last winter, none of mine would not go out in snow at first. After a few days, some got to where they would go out and forage in snow as long as the grass and weeds were sticking up out of it. A couple even waded through 9" to check out the compost heap. They get a lot of good food there.

    If you have snow for a while, some might get used to it. It's like a lot of things. Chickens don't like change or something new, but after a while they can get used to it.

    None of mine like a cold blowing wind, whether there is snow on the ground or not. The coldest it has been here during daylight is 4* F. Mine forage in that as long as the wind is not blowing.
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    I have the same experience as Ridgerunner, mine don't seem to have much of an issue with snow, as a matter of fact they were out in their run while it was snowing Thursday, but wind drives them inside. Yesterday was particularly windy here, and even though it was sunny, they spent most of the day inside.
  5. Mine didn't venture out today either, even though the snow became hard and crusty, They did not want to step out on it.....chickens......[​IMG]

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    That's pretty funny! [​IMG][​IMG]

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