chickens just started cracking and eating their eggs!


5 Years
May 5, 2014
Upstate South Carolina
Ive been getting 9-14 eggs a day since around november of last year from my 12 hens hatched last may. Over the last week ive only been able to collect about 4 a day. I know my broody modern game will poke a hole in any eggs laid in her nest, but shes innocent as shes barely come off her eggs in abiut two weeks. Ive tried to determine which ones are eating them but it looks like everybody!

Ok, backround:
The chickens are in a 70'x30' pen with 6 very roomy nesting boxes.. Plenty of sun and nice shady trees.

I feed a quality 20% protein laying pellet and they never run out of feed or water.

Please help!

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