Chickens keep dying! Help

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    Dec 29, 2008
    40.... that's right. I've lost 40 birds (chickens,1 pheasent,2 turkey) it all started November 6th 2015 and until today. In 10on ths I've counted 40.

    I got 4 polish roos that were gonna be eaten. Which u fell in love with and they were so sweet. Got from npip lady who I'm still friends with currently.

    1 died suddenly. 1 got lethergic and not eating so I gave corrid for cocci just to be safe. 3rd died. 4th passed after 6 weeks of intensive care. He couldn't walk which had me think mareks.

    I also got a brahma from her with them who housed together. He lived 2 months after the other died. My other flock including several others who were younger are still fine. They were 2 months old but the ones who died were older (8 months)

    The ages that most have died are
    12 (over 7 months) 3 were quail
    7 (1 to 3 months)
    2 (4 to 6 months )
    19 (under 1 month)

    Most have died the same way some have not.

    Few would drop dead out of no where.
    Few would not be able to walk and lethergic.
    Most if not all would stop eating, lose weight, and lethergic.

    I've given corrid for cocci. I later gave them oxytetracycline or tylan depends.

    I necrospy a few. 1 hen had the tumors all over intestines.
    1 had a white spot on liver.
    1 had liver that was partially green.
    Some had liquid yellow in intestines.

    I don't have money for a 200$ necropsy unless someone knows a cheap way in a ohio between Cincinnati and Dayton.

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    I am very sorry for your losses.

    Your local USDA office should be able to provide necropsies for the cost of shipping the bird to them.

    Check out @casportpony 's signature for a listing of that information.

    Could they be eating something toxic or poisonous? :( Could the feed possibly be rancid or moldy?

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    What are you feeding? How big is the coop and run? How are you brooding chicks? I'm pretty sure you may be having issues with coccidia. Older birds that are new to the property and young chicks are particularly prone to developing coccidiosis. With coccidia, you must medicate all new or young birds, not just the ones presenting symptoms. And you need to be sure that you are administering the proper ratio of medicine in the water. All water sources need medicated. And you must medicate for the recommended time.
    Most antibiotics are useless for treating coccidiosis.
  4. MrsBrooke

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    Aug 11, 2014
    Magnolia, Texas
    Coccidiosis is treated with Corid.




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