chickens legs not working


8 Years
Jan 2, 2012
Help, yesterday my Americana was dragging one leg....I thought she might have hurt it. Today both legs are not working. she is still eating and laying eggs so not sure what to make of it.
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I would only add... aside from how old is she? Is how old is the rest of the flock and have you wormed them recently? Also, search PARALYSIS... you may find your answer in the posts related to that search.. Paralyzed, and Paralysis.

Take care and good luck.​
When you say not working are they out in front of her. Go ahead a quarantine regardless. With this weather she would need to be inside or under a lamp.

And please fill out the form so we can help you better.
I have a two year old Rhode Island Red hen, who is perfectly healthy, is laying, hasn't moulted. The other day I found she had no use of one of her legs. She was fine that morning and then a few hours later, I found her with her leg that way. No blood or bites, doesn't appear broken, but she can't stand on it or really move it. I have no idea what the problem is.
Sounds like exactly what happened to one of my Millies, no injury's, no disease that I can see after over a week of quarantine and close watch. She's eating and drinking (I have been feeding her the Rickets Diet to see if that helped, besides for the fact that she loves it I haven't noticed any improvements) she's having regular bowel movements, her eyes are clear...... her legs still seem strong when she pushes against my hand but she won't stand on them at all. Sorry to not be of any help, it's so hard when you can't figure out how to help an otherwise healthy bird!
My RIR hen is using her leg. She still limps a bit, but she can walk on it. I made her a house pet for awhile and made sure she ate and got plenty of rest and I think it worked. She has also started laying again.

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