Chickens not going into coop at night

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    Nov 5, 2016
    Hi, I've had my girls for nearly 2 years. They have always gone into their coop at night and lay (although sometimes they lay around the garden in secret spots too). They had lice last week and were still ok going into the coop to sleep / roost and lay. My issues is, I cleaned the coop out really well and they won't go back in! They are sleeping in the run and laying around the garden. The first day there was one egg in there but they haven't laid in there since.The come into the run at night so I can enclose them but they won't go into the hen house. The lice appear to have gone and I can't see any other predators / animals in the coop. Any suggestions on what I can do to get them back to laying in the coop? Thanks
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    Catch them, move their food and water into the coop and lock them up in it for a few days. They need to go to a safe place at night as well as use the nest boxes regularly. They will get used to "home" after a couple days of confinement. Good luck. Also, I see this is your first post. Drop by the New Member Forum here and introduce yourself so we can give you a proper BYC welcome!
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    Ditto Dat^^^^

    When I changed out the bedding in the coop a week or so ago...none of the birds would go in there.
    The ones I forced in stayed up on the roosts and bitchedandmoaned for was kind of funny.
    Luckily they all went in by roost time, I think the cock herded them in.
    It took a day or two before they got used to the change....chickens don't like change, until their curiosity overcomes their fear.

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