chickens not going to coop at night?

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    Jun 1, 2008
    I have some ameraucana with some mutts I hatched last May. Only one of the ameraucana(roo, go figure) has *fit in* with the mutts, other than that they are 2 separate groups. I think the mutt dom roo might not be letting them into the coop at night? I starting finding my favorite girl in a tree. I would pluck her out and put her in the coop when I go to lock it up. Then 2 other girls were out with her 2 nights ago. Then last night I had 3 girls and 1 boy in the trees. That is all the ameraucana that are separate but 1 [​IMG] . I am worried that some predator will get them, not to mention I hate going into the trees to retrieve them. Getting rid of the *bad* roo is not an option (yet). Maybe if I make a second door to the coop? Ideas? experience?


    eta- they just started this, they went in with no problem since September
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    Mabey if chickens won't go in coop at night try putting them in at night and locking the door of the coop and keeping them their until morning.

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