Chickens & pheasants & ducks

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6 Years
Apr 3, 2013
I am thinking of adding some ducks and pheasants to my flock in the spring. I have a large 11x7 coop, 25x25 pen and the girls are free range in a very large yard. Do you think I will be able to integrate a few khaki campbell ducks and a few pheasants? Maybe even considering a peacock....? Do you thnk if I bought fertile eggs of these that my hens could hatch them? Or is that weird? Eggs are just more cost effective ;)


Suggested forums?

I have time, but would like to be prepared when the time comes.

Thanks in advance!
The birds would probably get along just fine, but you need a lot more room for them. Pheasants require more room than chickens and peacocks require even more room, plus they need very high roosts so they can get their long tail feathers off the ground completely. One of my friends raises golden pheasants and chickens, he separates them and the pheasants have twice the room as the chickens, with only half the number of birds. I've read that peacocks need about 200Sq feet for each pair or trio of birds.
Pheasants need 25-50sq feet per bird. They really enjoy running and flying a lot, especially when young.
Here's a thread on pheasants too
I hope this helps a bit

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