Chickens Randomly Dying?

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    A couple weeks ago, one of my oldest hens died. She was 8, so it was to be expected. But then my 5-year-old hen died, and now another one of my chickens seems to be getting sickly. So I'm just getting concerned that some kind of bacteria is hurting them maybe.... I have no idea really. Their only common symptom seems to be just getting tired and slowly shutting down. The second one that died was acting kind of strange though. She just seemed to be really confused and almost like she was having some mental issues. It has been suddenly very hot here, so I guess maybe that could be it...Anyone have any ideas? I IMG_4969.JPG
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    Are you making sure they are drinking water?
    Are they eating ok?

    How is their poop?
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    Apr 4, 2017
    Perhaps a combination of age and heat? 8 and 5 are respectable ages for chickens! You must be doing a great job!
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    It might help to check your feed and smell it for an off odor that could be mold. But it may be the heat. I would make sure the others are drinking and have shaded cool water in a couple of locations. You may add electrolytes to their water on hot days. Feel crops to check if there is any full and hard or balloon-like crops, especially early in the morning when crops should be mostly empty. Look for any possibility of poisoning, such as if a neighbor has used an insecticide or chemical. Sorry for your loss.
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    I'd cool her off with water... several times during heat....give frozen peas....
    and I agree with eggscessive... might be the food...or old food on the ground they ate...

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