Chickens & Roosters for sale.

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May 1, 2008
Fayetteville, Georgia
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Hi All,

I havent been on in months sorry :-( but I have some chickens and roosters for sale. I would perfer them go all together if possible. I have 5 (3 hens 2 roosters) to sale. Both Roosters are Ameraucanas one is buff and the other is a blue splash One came from Washington and the other from Texas THey were the only eggs to hatch from either shipment of eggs. The hens are different breeds. 1 is a blue salmon faverolle , 1 is a rhode island red, and the last one is a bantam silkie. The silkie is not white but she looks like a dirty white if that makes sense. I am asking $50 for the group. Feel free to call me at 404-693-2125 if you are interested.​
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