Chickens roosting in wrong places/bothering neighbors


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5 Years
Aug 18, 2014
Hello, I had full size chickens who had no problem roosting in the hen house,
well, I wanted bantam chickens, so we got rid of the full size chickens, and got bantams,
and they are roosting everywhere BUT the chicken house.
It wasn't a big deal, until today when they roosted on the fence, then jumped the fence into my neighbors yard, and started feasting on her garden.
Our fence is about 5 foot tall, and their wings are clipped, but we cannot seem to figure out how they get up on the fence, or how to get them to roost in the house. We've put them in the house at night, and taken them off the fence, a million times, but they just won't go in there.
The bantams are frizzle, silkie, and cochin bantams if that makes a difference.
Any suggestions/advice would be soo helpful, because Idk how long our neighbors are going to be okay with them eating their garden.
Thanks In advance
You need a coop and run that's comfortable for them to be locked in for at least a week or two, so home is fixed in their little brains. If there's a problem with your set-up, or a predator scared them there, it's understandable why they aren't coming home at night. Your birds, your job to keep them out of the neighbor's garden! Silkies and frizzles can hardly fly at all; are they going under the fence? Mary

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