Chickens sick lost 1, 2nd showing symptoms


8 Years
Sep 15, 2011
I am really worried about the health of my flock. I had a chicken begin to show signs of loss of balance and when I investigated I noticed that the chicken's pupils had become grayish and as I continued to check on the chicken both pupils became grey and it was apparent that the chicken was blind. It struggled to eat and was picked on by the other hens so I removed it twice and nursed it back to health and return it to the flock upon the second time of returning it to the flock it died. Now I have a second hen displaying the same lack of balance and stumbling into the other hens and walks with a "goose step" straight legged. The other hens have begun to peck her and has loss almost all of her tail feathers. Both hens displayed diarrhea all over their butts and abnormally smelly. the first bird was 7 months when she began showing symptoms and the current bird is close to the same age. I hope some one can offer some clues because I am considering drastic measures (culling, and building a new coop and pen and slowly moving birds I know are healthy) to try and protect the remainder of my flock.
Bring one of the sick or dead birds to the state vet for necropsy. Coryza maybe? The smell might be that but occular mereks is grey eyes and blind at time.(I think anyway?) Dont take a chance. So sorry and good luck!
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Thank you for the reply, I am leaning towards Mereks but I am thinking it unlikely because of the current temperature being below freezing nightly and highs just above freezing. I was considering Marek's but I do not see anything I would define as paralysis. Just wondering is there a common way to handle a flock if it was in fact either of these diseases?
Thank you Nick

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