Chickens started laying, stopped

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6 Years
Sep 25, 2013
I have six chickens that I got in March 2013. Two are white leghorns and four are ameraucanas. The leghorns are a week older, and started laying first. We were reliably getting 1 egg / chicken / day from the leghorns until the ameraucanas started laying. One day, about 3 weeks ago, we had 5 eggs. Now we are lucky to get 2 eggs. Yesterday they were both blue. Do you think the leghorns have stopped laying or are sneaking them away into a new spot?
They were chicks when you got them so they are 6-7 months old? It would be really odd for healthy white leghorns that age to just stop laying. It is probably time for an egg hunt, mine will most definitely hide eggs, they will not sit on them usually, but they sure like to hide them. You could also have something eating/stealing the eggs. You might want to double check to be sure they don't have mites or something, this wet fall weather has been bringing the bugs back out it seems.

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