chickens that aren't laying


11 Years
Oct 1, 2008
needing information on why my chickens aren't laying properly. They have clean pen, freash water, scratch, laying pellets, lots of garden debris. They are locked up every evening after dark and then are turned loose every morning before dawn. I also turn them loose to free range at least twice a week. An old farmer told me to worm them with black walnut hulls, to see if that would work. Still not laying well. Now I have a mixed lot of 18 week old pullets and older laying hens. But it seems that I am not the only one in my area with this problem. When do I need to put a light in the hen house? I also have a chicken tractor, with ten hens, some are still in molt but for how long? you see I provide eggs for the elderly who can't afford to pay for store-bought eggs. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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