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  1. Hi - I was wondering how many chickens you can have per acre? and also to say sorry for not being on alot, I have been so busy.

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    based on 10 sqf per chicken and 43000 something sqf per acre math would tell us that THEORETICALLY we could have 4300 chickens per acre. But that many chickens would turn land into a desert within days and after the next rain into a mud pit.
  3. keep it nice with grass how many then? I was thinking 30 to 50 is all I wanted.
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    I'd base a ballpark number on how much space it takes to grow grain for them. They're obviously eating other stuff, but the amount of space should work as a rule of thumb. Using 60's production rates of ~60 bushels per acre for corn (less chemically and technologically intensive that today's 160 avg); 56lb / bushel; 3360lb / acre; (1/3lb)/bird/day; 10,080 bird-days of feed; 28 birds for a year. Your 30-50 should work fine, you can cull if they seem to be overgrazing, or supplement with scratch grains.
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    Depends where you live and what the laws are. Non-Commercial

    In our county you can have 1 animal unit per acre, an animal unit in this case is 32 chickens.

    32 chickens = 1 bird unit
    • 16 ducks = 1 bird unit
    • 8 turkeys = 1 bird unit
    • 8 geese = 1 bird unit
    Only fowl six months or older are counted in the ratio.

    Commercial has different allowances and regulations.
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