Chickens want to be in trees and night and not coop

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    Sep 19, 2011
    I have 4 new Aurocanas (sp?). They are about 3 months old. When it gets dark they fly into a nearby tree. I have a chicken coop where my older chickens go at night. The older ones know the drill. But the new ones wind up in trees and I have to chase them out to make them go into the coop. Eventually they do but I have to go out there every night to see where the new ones are. Could the new ones be afraid of the older ones? The older birds tend to pick on the new ones a bit. Or is this something else? Can I train them somehow to go into the coop like the others? HELP !!!!
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    You can put a battery powered light in the coop and they might go to the light. Also yes if they are being bullied I have seen it where the younger ones don't want to go in.

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