chickens with large scales on legs and loose feathers in summer


10 Years
Mar 8, 2009
we have about 16 chickens in a 20 foot x 20 foot run and a 8x8 chicken house, sets in our back yard with shade. Our chickens all get really ugly scale on there legs and in the summer time seem to loose there feathers. Was wondering if there is some disease they have or lack of some nutrition was told a couple days ago they may be getting to much shade and not enough sun. we feed them a combination of whole corn, cracked corn, scratch, and table scraps. any help would be appreciated. I will try to upload some pics later on this week. thanks again
Hi, the leg problems sound like leg mites. You need to coat their legs in vaseline til it clears up(every couple of days). It takes awhile so be patient. Losing feathers is normal for chickens (molting) it's how they get new feathers. You need to feed them laying pellets. All that corn is equivelent to feeding nothing but candy (it has no nutritional value). Corn should just be given in small amounts as treats. Hope this helps.
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k here are the pics of my chickens please tell me what you think.

i ordered some liquid from a hatchery that they said to soak chickens in and spray coop with that should last 28 days before retreating.








please any additional info would be appreciated.

p.s. i did go buy some pellets and started feeding them the pellets.
I agree, probably scaley leg mites. I personally dont think the legs look too bad. I have seen much worse. It could also be just general nutrition, or lack of. Corn is not good as previously stated. The laying pellets are a much better choice. I would think you would see an improvement in the condition of your birds in a few weeks. Vasaline is a good idea for the legs, it will condition them and will also kill any mites that might be there. Good luck to you.

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