chickens within city limits


May 17, 2015
Kingsford, MI
We use to live in the country and had many animals on our hobby farm. Long story short, we had to cash in that lifestyle and move to town. We bought a bank repo house and remodeled it...down to our last dollar, the empty lot across the street went for sale but was able to buy it for $600. So wiped out, I set up a 3 month payment plan! Recently, some neighborhood kids had been bugging me about getting chikens. I never really gave it any thought since we're in town but, I asked my neighbor ( a cop) what the regulations are and he said that as long as the chickens are 200' from the nearest neighbor and that we have no roosters, we're within our rights. Now, it's on! We have 12 buff Orpington babies arriving tomorrow!!!! I've spent the last 2 weeks building a sweet coop/run and the neighborhood kids are losing sleep over it. One of the hugest blessings in all of this is that the ice has been broken with our neighbors and we can have an opportunity to not only teach these "city kids" some responsibility but, also have a platform to share God's word and be influential in there lives....all made possible around a bunch of chickens!!! God is sovereign and chickens are a blessing.


May 17, 2015
Denton, TX
Oh man.....what a blessing! Using one of God's creatures to reach out to one of God's creatures! What a wonderful experience for the kiddos to learn about taking care of and loving animals. The circle of life..... Your post made my day, thank you!! :)))))

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