Chickens won't go in coop at night

Dirt Girl

7 Years
Jan 31, 2012
My chickens are about 9-10 weeks old.From the time I put them out in their coop, they have not gone in at night. At first, I would go out there and put each one in the coop and then close the door. But after awhile, chasing them around in the dark got old and I figured if they wanted to sleep outside, they could. There are 10 of them. Their coop is roughly 8x10 and their attached run is 12x12.
They have dug out a little spot and they all sleep cuddled up together in one corner of the run. The fencing goes 18" into the ground. I feel they are totally secure. We live in a rural area with lots of predators but so far, the few digging attempts by coyotes, I assume, have not been successful.
My question is this ... Aren't they "supposed" to be sleeping on roosting bars? Shouldn't that have started already? I catch them on the roosting bars "roosting" during the day and they had a bar in their brooder box that they used. So I'm confused. We used 1x2s (I think). Is it possible they don't like them cause they're not rounded?
Their food and water is inside the coop. And they are let out to free range any time I am outside. (We have a large hawk's nest above our property so I don't want them out there without me.)
Any help is appreciated.
Hi, Mine are over a year old and still don't roost. Mine all cuddle in the nest box. Sometimes they just don't roost.

I think you are meant to keep them inside the coop for a while so they know that it's their home and place to sleep. If not, don't worry as your run seems secure.

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