Chickens won't go in the nesting boxes


15 Years
Oct 19, 2008
North Florida
Hi, I just got 2 hens from my neighbor who said his brother didn't want them anymore. I think he said they were kept in a "closed in" box, whatever that means. I built a coop that has 4 nesting boxes inside, made out of wood, with hardware cloth on the floor. I put some pine (horse) shavings in the boxes, but so far the only thing going in there is crickets ! I can't figure out why they won't go up there. Today I built a new ladder thinking that may have been the problem. They have just been staying on the ground and laying in the corner under the nesting box area. They are probably older chickens and maybe they didn't have to go up and roost at night so maybe that's it, I don't know. Any ideas ?
Yeah seems to me there older birds and have getting used to not having a perch have you tried encouraging them up there with food every so often putting them up there they might get used to it other than that i think they must be happy on the floor just watch the eggs . I hope this helps a little for u.
I hope they change their minds because we put a lot of work into the nesting area and I had visions of just opening the doors and picking up the eggs. Now I have to squat down and use a rake to get the eggs out from under the coop.
Good news ! I started putting one of the hens into the box area and after just a couple times, she goes up there on her own ! She even layed an egg up there today. YaY

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