chickens wont go to coop

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    Jul 21, 2012
    I have 5 new hens and one older hen. The older hen used to go in the coop at night but ever since I got the new hens she will not go to the coop she will roost on the chairs with the other chickens. I left them in their coop for 4 days and then let them out but they still did not go back to their coop. ANy ideas I am getting tired of puttingthem up[every night.
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    Aug 29, 2012
    Put a light in there. They will go to the light. I just used a cheap dollar store solar one till mine got the hang of it. It will turn itself off as the battery goes flat so isn't on all night and if you are lucky enough to have a sunny corner in their house will recharge and turn itself on too (I had to sit mine out in the sun)

    After a couple of weeks you can stop using it.
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    Take away the chairs before dusk.
    Place yourself so they are between you and the coop, and play video loudly of a dog barking.
    Go out with a flashlight and check the coop for mites or other varmints.
    Trick them with treats.
    And, last, a good way to also give your neighbors a laugh at their crazy neighbor:
    I sung to mine as I would put them in the coop, then after a few days when I sang the song, they marched off to bed...

    This actually still works when they are dilly dallying and I am rushed to lock up... ;)

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