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    UPDATE: First of all, I want to give credit for those who started a thread like this back in 2009 [​IMG] okiron, who started this thread linked here ---------------------> https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=189553 and to desertgirl for thinking of the idea [​IMG] I didn't see that thread until after I started this one so I have sent PMs in hopes they are still around so we can maybe put the two together somehow [​IMG] She hasn't been on for a few months so hope to hear from her soon [​IMG]

    2nd: If you need a response right away just email me @ [email protected] I check my email almost every day. Just put *CHICKENSITTING* in the subject line and I will read IT before any other email [​IMG]

    I have seen a lot of peeps looking for someone to sit for their flock while they go on vacation and I think this thread is a wonderful idea for those in need of a sitter. If you are able to chicken sit you can leave your name below with the area where you are from [​IMG] Payment and other info can be shared through PM's once someone agrees to sit for you [​IMG] I would suggest meeting and having a "meet at my place" date before leaving on vacation of course [​IMG]

    So lets get started [​IMG] Let me add your name to our thread and help out a fellow BYCer so they can enjoy their vacation [​IMG] Please leave your info below with the area and how long you are willing to sit for. I started in the WI thread [​IMG]

    If you NEED a sitter send me all the info you can and I can add you to the "need a sitter area" Please add area/state/dates you need a sitter

    ***Please scroll down to the bottom of this post to see if you can help those in NEED of a sitter*** Thanks SO much!!



    AZBootsie: Arizona,Wickenburg/Congress/Yarnell Area

    AZKat: Mesa area but can sit anywhere in the Phoenix-Metro area.

    RanchoDelPolloLoco Queen Creek, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa area


    Fanaticalchickenlady : Rudy and Fort Smith area

    202roosterlane: about a 30 mile radius of Lonoke

    Gerry2011: Newton county, would be glad to help out with chicken or other animal sitting.


    SueSteeves: (southern) Long Beach area

    Ann Lotten: Grass Valley area

    mikki717: I am available to house and chicken sit. References available, and Federally Fingerprinted for my work at a pediatric therapy facility!
    Mature and reliable. Experienced with all size dogs, and other indoor pets, chickens, (I have them currently) horses and goats (although many years ago!).
    Greater Sacramento area.

    allieloveschickens: I am in San Diego, CA and I can chicken sit for folks within 25 miles of Lemon Grove. (La Mesa, College area, Pacific beach, Ocean Beach, Clairemont, Kearny Mesa, possibly El Cajon but that is a bit far) But let me know where you are at and I can determine whether I can do it!


    Smarcebird: Durango area

    kingskid: 7 mi SE of Falcon, CO which is about 15 mi east of Colorado Springs

    hensandchickscolorado: I can sit and would love to swap sitting! I am in Englewood, Colorado at Hampden & University.


    MsMoerose: Gainesville (right behind the Y on 34th Street.)

    Lanatwo: Debary, FL and will sit for neighboring cities. May need sitter later.

    vickircafe: I can chicken sit for vacationers anywhere in the area of McIntosh


    Mama_Chicken: I'm about 25 miles East of Valdosta, Ga, but go into Valdosta 5 days a week for work

    AuroraSprings: Atlanta area

    Pam Allan: I can doing chicken sitting in Fayette County and Coweta County GA - I do pet sitting as a side business. This would preferably be on the north end of the counties..... This would be for a fee - but I am reasonable.

    Nanook: im a vet tech so im good for lots of animals, special needs/exotics too.
    Savannah ga


    discoveregg: within 30 minutes of Sandpoint

    chiknfarmer: I am in Moscow, ID, as well as Pullman, WA and am available as a chicken sitter as well as other livestock and household pets


    ducklover1: Shumway area (Central IL)

    ParadiseFoundFarm: Joliet area

    cline93: Hillsboro area


    teach1rusl: southern Indiana within 20 mi. radius or so of Floyds Knobs

    sms1225: I am willing to sit for the Newburgh/ Evansville / Boonville, Indiana area.I have @ 100 chickens. I have been raising chickens for 4 years.
    email me at [email protected]. I can also sit for your horses or any other livestock you might have.


    teach1rusl: Louisville

    NicH: I'm available to watch pretty much any critter. I'm in the Morehead, KY area. We also like to travel so it would be nice to trade out for some help here too!


    ChickiKat: Bucyrus area

    tntblake: Wichita area

    FarmerMel: Lawrence


    Chick named Lola: Rockville area

    WalkerH: I live in St. Mary's County, MD. I can chickensit, and have experience with other animals as well, within about 30 minute drive.


    FiFiFeather: Ann Arbor area

    Stacykins: Escanaba area of Michigan (has references [​IMG])

    keyt1969: Eaton Rapids and surrounding areas

    babigyrl22: Caledonia area. I do have times when I travel alot but if I can help I will!

    jershell99: Casco/Richmond/St. Clair area.

    chicken grandma: Grand Rapids area

    Riverdale: Shepherd/Alma/Vestaberg area


    duckinnut : Willing to go anywhere in eastern Plymouth County. Will do dogs too. Just dont tell my chickens or my dog.

    mommahen64: I could assist someone in the Attleboro, MA area. Would only be able to stop by after work but hopefully that can help.


    Edwards' East of Eden: can chicken/crittersit within 20-30 miles of Biloxi, MS. Text to 2two8-2two4-2two81 for quickest response


    Velvet Hairpiece: Defiance or O'Fallon area. Of course anyone in the surrounding areas are welcome to PM me and see if I can help them out.


    thechickenchick: I am in Conrad Montana but would be willing to drive a ways if need be


    kaichai: I can chicken/duck/goose/turkey/whatever-animal-you-have sit! I'm in Reno, Nevada, and can pet/livestock sit within this general area (Reno, Sparks, North Valleys, and even Carson/Tahoe if you bribe me, haha).


    tinychicky: i'm willing to pet sit for chickens and any other animals too as long as you aren't too far away smile in the nashua area of NH. i have plenty of mean roo experience so that's not an issue for me, and i have also taken care of most other pets and livestock. i have some horse experience too.


    Cass: Albany New York (prefer every other day sitting if possible)

    demp4: I am in Bridgeport and can do surrounding areas for a week or less

    stoopid: Suffolk County,on the east end of Long Island

    patricium: Niagara County, New York State. And could cover Erie and the west side of Orleans county too. In exchange for a sitter [​IMG]

    Lille: Retired...spend most of my time just sitting anyways so I'd be more than glad to chicken sit for some girls.
    Utica , NY Area


    I-Have-Happy-Hens: Chapel Hill/Carrboro, NC Up to 2 weeks

    ctbagley: Pelham/Providence area We are on the border of NC/VA and lots of places are within a half hour or so. Short term preferred. I also have experience with horses and parrots as well.

    Amyh: We are located in Graham, but would be willing to go from Chapel Hill/Durham to Greensboro. I can do it for up to a week, but probably couldn't do every single day, so a flock with an auto door or a secure run would be best for us.

    donnavee: willing to sit chickens/ducks in the Hillsborough/Cedar Grove NC area.


    edible_chicken: I'm willing to babysit for free up to 15 miles away, but charge just a buck or two for up 30 miles. i hate to charge like that, but income is limited and gas is high.


    becklinn77: I live north of Tulsa (between Collinsville and Oologah) - so I could help anybody in my neck of the woods and would love it if I could find somebody to help me out also.
    DISCLAIMER: I am NOT experienced at all. Getting our first chickens this month. I can make sure they are fed/watered/let out to free range/cooped back up or whatever, but I'm probably useless if anything goes really wrong (anybody gets sick or hurt).


    Yay Chicks!: Forest Grove area. Will sit chickens. Recently sat for bunnies, so that is a possibility as well.

    DianeS: live near Eugene

    missychicky: I live in salem OR and I run a small pet sitting business. My website is http://ffpetsitting.blogspot.com/ and you can get prices and contact info there. If that doesn't work, PM me and we can work something out.


    Moonkssd: Central area

    Fenika: only in Lebannon, PA and surrounding towns, and I could only go out once a day (or fill in if your regular sitter can't make an afternoon, and possibly go farther if it's once or twice).
    I can handle any safe farm animals as well (I spent a short time working in a zoo, and volunteering in various zoos, and working with exotics in a vet teaching hospital). I'm also good with parrots and other birds (starlings, finches, et al). Email me as I don't check PMs regularly

    Anarchy82: I would be willing to help anyone out in the Stroudsburg, PA area


    Jackie B.: Greenville area

    gofasterstripe: Greenwood/Laurens area. I can chicken, horse, goat, dog, cat, duck, anything sit.

    cmbeall: Greenville area We are located in the Southwestern area of North Carolina....about half way between Asheville NC and Greenville SC.

    ivymae: Columbia, SC area


    feliciamckee: Johnson City/ Jonesborough

    CathyRN: I live in Seymour Tennessee just outside of Knoxville. I have a small flock myself and would love to trade chicken sitting duties with another local.


    Michie: San Antonio/Bulverde area

    txreddirtgirl: Decatur area, willing to go within a 20-30 mile radius.

    galanie:: Houston area. The city is big enough that I wouldn't want to sit anywhere in the city as that might be quite a drive. But I live close to I-10 west and Gessner and am willing to sit for anyone within about 5 miles. Would consider the Katy area if you're willing to re-imburse for gas.

    remuda1: Granbury area. I'll sit for anyone in southern Hood County for a week

    geekgurl: I'm in Dallas and would be willing to chicken sit in the Lake Highlands, Lakewood, Casa View, M Streets and White Rock Lake neighborhoods.

    Josie360: I live in central texas. I would be willing to do the Bryan/College Station/Snook/Caldwell area.

    dbounds10: I am willing to sit in the Keller, North Forth Worth, Mid Cities area in Texas. I have 6 chickens and would love to have a local deal worked out for sitting for each other


    ctbagley: Danville area and surrounding areas within reason. We are on the border of NC/VA and lots of places are within a half hour or so. Short term preferred. I also have experience with horses and parrots as well.

    AlienChick: I can critter sit in Waynesboro. Can also provide professional dog training.

    Chickens&Ducks: I live in the Richmond, Virginia area (Powhatan)!

    SycolinWoodsChickens: We have a pet sitter in Northern Virginia that takes care of our dogs, chickens, ducks, turkeys and will also care for horses and possibly other livestock. She and her employees are licensed and bonded. I recommend her often. I won't post her info here in the forum but if anyone is interested - she focuses on Loudoun County - PM me.

    BebeLapinouBlanc: I could be added for Virginia. Live in Virginia Beach but can do the Hampton Roads area. Have owned and operated a Pet Sitting business for over 6 years. Myself and all my employees are licensed, bonded, and insured. smile Experience with all critters......scales, feathered, furry, and hooved


    KMHunter: Woodinville area, and am willing to critter sit and Sometimes need someone to check on my flock

    dawng: Kirkland/Seattle area in Washington State. I live/work on opposite sides of the lake so could do either

    Hucklekree: Enumclaw/Buckley/Bonney Lake/Auburn/Lake Tapps/Eatonville/Orting/South Prarie. I live in Enumclaw but work in Eatonville so I could check in on my way home.

    reallynewatthis: Kenmore (north Seattle/eastside

    chiknfarmer: I am in Moscow, ID, as well as Pullman, WA and am available as a chicken sitter as well as other livestock and household pets

    TrystInn: Whidbey Island, WA. Experienced with chickens, ducks and rabbits.


    Hangin Wit My Peeps: Birnamwood/Hatley/Wausau area would be willing to sit for up to a week (possibly longer)

    FrenchToast: Possibly may be able to help out in the Crandon area

    Terri O: I am available to pet-sit up to 30 minutes away from 53551 (Lake Mills, WI)

    MustLoveHens: Albion WI, (Janesville area)

    ChickenGrandma: Northeast WI, Pet Watchers, pet sit all critters including Chickens! Mother/daughter team. Three years on-the-job experience. Red Cross Pet Care Certified. (Live in Neenah, WI - by Appleton)


    CathyRN: Needs a sitter between Saturday Nov 19th thru Friday or Saturday the following week She lives in Seymour TN If anyone can help her out please contact here [​IMG] Thanks!!

    ChickiKat: Bucyrus, Kansas area (end of August 2011, please pm them if you can help them out!)

    *******We have someone who needs a sitter in the Bandera or Kerrville, Texas area...if you are close and can help them out please pm me and I will have them PM you. THANKS
    This person would also be willing to do a 'house swap' anywhere in the US.

    Jershell99: Would be great to get a "back scratching" deal worked out with someone local! I have to go back to VA in November for my sister's wedding.

    donnavee We have a flock of chickens and ducks which we need a sitter for a couple of times a year.

    Moonkssd I need a chicken sitter for a week I live near Lancaster Pa
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    This is a great idea I have put posters around but nobody has responded to it. I love chickens and would love to meet some people around us who love and care for their chickens just as much as we do.


    Chapel Hill-Carrboro, NC up to 2 weeks
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    North Washtenaw County
    Me, too (would love to meet local chicken folk). I'm in Ann Arbor, MI
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    Thanks for those who had me add them [​IMG] Hopefully we can help out those who are looking to get in a vacation but don't because they have no one to sit for them [​IMG]
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    Eastern Kansas
    I need a sitter the end of August. I am in the Bucyrus, Ks area.....

  6. ChickiKat

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    Jul 10, 2011
    Eastern Kansas
    And I will be willing to be a chicken sitter. I am in Bucyrus Ks....
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    This is a wonderful idea!!!!

    I would be willing to chicken sit. I am in Conrad Montana but would be willing to drive a ways if need be. I normally don't require a sitter. We leave about once every 2 years and our neibors generally do iy but you just never know, there may be a time. I hope to see more Montanas add to this list!
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    Statenville, Ga
    I'm a willing chicken sitter [​IMG] I'm about 25 miles East of Valdosta, Ga, but go into Valdosta 5 days a week for work!
  9. Velvet Hairpiece

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    Louisville, KY
    I am willing to be a chicken sitter!

    Defiance or O'Fallon, MO vicinity. And of course anyone in the surrounding areas are welcome to PM me and see if I can help them out.

    This is a great idea! I've been wondering what we were going to do if/when we ever get to go on a vacation longer than a weekend!

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