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    Jul 2, 2010
    i've started with chickens this summer, and now i have 10 growna ups, and some little ones hatching now in incubator from my own eggs:)) [i mean first eggs from my 2 hens that lay, the rest is too young] i'm so happy i can show them to someone:D big chicks are mostly white, 2 silkies, 2 polish bearded, 2 riw and 2 white leghorns. And 2 silkiex miniature modern game crosses. Tomorrow i'll try to make some pics of the lil' ones, i'm so curious how they will look,chicken calculator is telling me weirdest things about it:D
    that is silkiex [silkiex modern game] cross [or silkiexmg X silkiexmg] hard to say who the daddy is;D

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