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Feb 19, 2011
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Not sure if this should co here, or in the chick forum, but here goes.

I have 15 chicks coming on March 9th. 10 RIR and 5 Dominiques. I talked to a friend today, and he offered to give me a RIR rooster. Here is my quandry. With the full flock being chicks, would the rooster be ok by itself, or should I wait for the chicks to get out of the brooder? Any other ideas on this?

I would wait until the chicks are out of the brooder to introduce a rooster, just to be safe. My roosters won't mess with chicks, but I think it's because they are with a broody hen.
I agree. My rooster is very protective of the chicks, but they are HIS chicks, hatched by a broody.
Thats kinda what I was thinking. Right now, my brooder is planned on being in the chicken house. What I was thinking of doing was makeing a temporary partition so that they cant get to each other. I guess my biggest question is will be be ok alone for a while.
The rooster? Yeah, he'll be fine.

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