Chicks and ducklings won't dry in incubator


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May 27, 2020
I have two incubators running. Had 24 duck eggs only in #1 and then had 48 chicken eggs with 22 duck eggs (a lot for a n1602 hovabator lol) in #2. The #1 incubator i had going one week ahead of #2 so the duck eggs from #1 were due to hatch at same time as chicken eggs from #2. So at lockdown I moved chicken eggs to #2. They have been hatching since Monday and with 1st chicks out of shell Monday evening. The 1st couple had dried, but now all are wet, and there is a bunch in there running around. Problem is a few are getting trampled and I don't know if they were weak ones? Or moisture causing a few to be weak? A few may be dead, it's hard to see in the windows due to condensation.
I see at least one didn't make it out of shell and is dead and I see at least one duck hasn't made progress for over a day with his beak visible. I was trying to keep the lockdown til all hatched, but I don't know what to do since it getting near three days for a few.

Issues: 1. Wet chicks not drying.
. 2. Chicks getting trampled and a couple dead.
. 3. A few still trying to get out of shell and possibly some not pipped. Possibly one or more died before completely breaking shell open.

Do I break lockdown and get them in my tub with heat lamp and help any that need it and then put lid back on for any eggs barely pipped or not pipped?

any advice and thoughts and opinions soon is deeply appreciated.


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Apr 27, 2020
Yes you should break lock down.

Have a spray bottle to hand and spray a couple of squirts of mist into the incubator when you are done, just be quick and get all chicks out now and you wont have any problems.


Jul 1, 2020
I have the same. Two hatched soon after each other and have moved all the other eggs so the pipping is in some cases facing down. Do I move them out? They are virtually dry

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