Chicks and ducks


7 Years
Jan 22, 2013
I have ducks and chickens that are babies they get along fine they have no problems together sometimes I think the ducks are chickens... :lol: but I am wondering can I put sulmet into their water will it be fine for the ducks the label doesn't say anything about ducks only about turkeys and chickens.. But by the time anyone answers I might have already put the sulmet into their water just wanting to know for future reference.:p:p
is there a reason they need sulmet in their water? You can ask duck questions in the "Other backyard poultry' thread for ducks, geese, turkeys etc, where you should get answers specially about ducks.
Greetings from Kansas, wakeboardislife, and
! Pleased you joined our community. One of the reasons I like BYC is that I am always learning something. Never heard of Sulmet before reading your post. So, I looked it up - apparently it is fine to chickens and turkeys for the prevention of a host of nasty ailments. Below is where I read it. Good luck to you!
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan :D

Unless there is a specific infection you are treating, better not to use medications unless you have to. I am sure the duck folks can answer your question.

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