Chicks are 9

Meal worms are great, they can have table scraps but don't overdo it. Grower feed is optimal nutrition. Table scraps can enhance that or diminish it depending on what it is.
Fresh fruits and veggies diced up is the best treat you can give them. also meal worms, small amounts of yogurt, warm oatmeal mixed with fruits, cooked pasta, in small amounts, or small amounts of cheese.
Thanx, FG...that's what I thought. The way they're eating, another bag will be gone by then! Start layer ration after I get the first eggs? or @ 5 months? or...?
They should stay on grower until they start laying, they don't need the extra calcium until then.

x2 Around 20 weeks I would add some oyster shell on the side. Once all your girls are laying you can decide if you want to switch to a layer or stay grower + calcium. Either is fine depending on your flock and your goals.

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