Chicks are funny!


Aug 9, 2019
Central Wisconsin
One chick chest bumps another chick. That chick squawked up a storm. A real drama queen, all the other chicks rushed to the red headed drama queen who we call “Lucy”
And watch her talk about her wing and she fluffs it up and is fine.
Quite the entertainment!

Also hubby is feeling better and gets into the coop run and has become their new roost! See picture!

Then we noticed we have 3 Dominiques and 4 Red New Hampshires and often they snuggle and other times they are segregated by breed.
Oddly entertaining birds!
Why do they do chest bumps?!
Is it a fun thing or pecking order? It is quite funny.
Hahahaha!!! Chickens ARE funny! I have no idea I’d be so entertained. The chest bumps and poofing out their neck feathers seems to be a boy thing here. That pic is great!!
Chickens are the best!!!! I have an old towel and a 'baby blanket' I made especially for the coop. I go in there, lay the towel down then sit on it, legs outstretched. Next, I place the blanket over my lap and then all my Littles pile on (and sometimes they don't wait for Momma Chicken to get settled before they start jumping on me :rolleyes:). They are all 10 and 11 weeks old right now, a mixed flock of ten plus one Guinea fowl who showed up out of nowhere in my yard.
Agreed! I have two 12 week old boys that like to chase each other and jump at the other, then jump back, as if to say "I'm gonna get you! haha just kidding!". I thought 2 roos would be aggressive, but they love each other, and will yell like crazy if the other is gone.
Also love your stories! So funny. Today I saw them catch a grasshopper ! I want to let them free range so we can get more of those buggers! They are much faster then me at catching them!!!
I just look silly trying to catch those flying grasshoppers:wee

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