Chicks are Hatching on time!!! Yay so excited!!!


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Mar 16, 2013
You shouldn't leave an egg turner in while they are hatching. It's better to leave the eggs on the rack. Once each baby is completely dry, pull it out of the incubator and set it up under a heat lamp.
We're hatching Americauna/Buff Orpington mixed chicks right now

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Apr 14, 2014
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Yes I know, This turner shuts off automatically on day 18 and my brooder is constantly going as I hatch chicks every 2 weeks. But Thanks for the advice. The reason I leave the turner in is a few times in previous hatches chicks roll the eggs around and have actually cracked other shells so I was hoping to prevent that by leaving them in and so far so good been getting great hatches...Ameraucanas and Buff Orpington's are what I have in this incubator and a couple silkies


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Mar 29, 2014
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I remember 1 time as a kid we borrowed an incubator and hatched a few. One couldn't break out of the egg by her self and my mom helped her. We named her Sheldon after the I hatched chick on that old cartoon. She was so tame. She stayed in the house for a long time. Followed me around like a puppy dog. I tight her how to play dead walk on a leash and I used to walk her around the block. Best chicken ever. Sadly a predator got her one night

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