Chicks are late to hatch! Help!

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Jul 4, 2018
Hello! I have a broody hen and her chicks were supposed to hatch on Saturday or Sunday. They haven't hatched yet... is all hope lost, or might the little guys be okay? Darcy, the broody, seems to think they're gonna hatch. She is all puffed up and has started attacking hens, as past broodies have done right before a hatch. She has also placed the straw in her nest close to her, as if she was worried a chick might fall out. I haven't heard any cheeping, but she hasn't gotten off her nest in a while... Any ideas or advice? Thanks so much!!!
Did you count the first day as 24 hours after set....ending day 1? (They don't begin to develop until 24 hours after being heated).

That means they could be due Sunday/Monday and you are only at Tuesday.

Wait it out. Let momma set. She is probably hearing cheeping and knows activity is happening below decks.

If by Thursday, you see nothing. Then carefully candle the eggs. Likely it is hopeless then.

Sometimes you have slowing in the eggs if the weather is a bit cooler, so it is common for eggs to hatch on day 22 to 23 and even 24, though I find if things are going to hatch it happens by day 23.

Good Luck.

I did candle some of the eggs. She was very protective and also kept adding to her clutch, so it was hard to tell what I had candled. I was also on a week long trip when she got broody, and my dad wasn't sure when she began sitting. I did mark the eggs, but it has been hard to see them. She hardly ever goes out and always for just long enough to drink, eat, shriek at the other hens, and run back inside. Today we saw her get off the box and there was a crack in one of the eggs... maybe chicks by morning? Cross your fingers! :fl
The broody hen should be by herself with no other hens around.

She refused to be moved, completely ignoring her eggs. We have blocked her off from the other hens during the day, but her nest of choice was right next to where the hens sleep at night, so in the early mornings we have to let them out super fast so that they don't kick her off the nest.

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