Chicks aren't laying - help?


9 Years
Oct 3, 2010
My 2 chickens are about 6 months old and still no eggs. We have had some stress in the coop (leader was killed a little more than a month ago) and a new chicken was added (to replace what we figured out was a rooster) about 3 months ago.

Any advice is welcome...

I have eight 6-month-old chickens (4 marans and 4 wyandottes) ... and not a single egg. They'll hold out until they're good and ready.
I wouldn't worry. I have two RIRs, two BOs, and two EEs, and they all didn't start laying until they were seven months. If their combs are red, if their lives are stress-free, and if they're scoping out the nest boxes, I bet you will get one soon.

And if they free range, check around the yard to make sure they haven't been laying secretly underneath the bushes and whatnot!
Thanks all! I will shoulder on with the waiting (and maybe stop threatening them with the pot... kidding...)

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