Chicks born in October start laying . . . ?

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    Hi All! Happy New Year! I am a first time chicken owner. I have 2 Australorps & 2 EE's that were born October 5th and are currently 12 1/2 weeks old. I am curious if any of you have experience raising fall chicks and know when I could realistically start hoping to see eggs. They will be 20 weeks old on February 22, which I think is the earliest hens start laying? The anticipation is killing me - seriously I'm like a kid counting the days till Christmas. Because they were born in the fall, I don't know if it will take longer than normal to see eggs due to daylight hours still being shorter than someone raising spring chicks (I'm located in Southern California). It would be good to have a realistic time frame to start anticipating eggs (I may or may not be possibly making a paper chain to count down the days to the first egg lookout [​IMG]). I definitely don't want my girls laying before they are maturely ready, I think I just need a reality date (fingers crossed "wish upon a star") that I could safely anticipate finding gold in the nest box. Any info or experience with raising fall chickens would be greatly appreciated. I might need to join a 12 step egg anticipation support group! [​IMG]
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    My fall hatched pullets seem to start laying at the same age as my spring hatched chicks, around 20 weeks give or take.
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    Awesome donrae! Thank you for giving me some hope!!![​IMG]
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    I have 2 Australorp hens and an EE hen as well, and they began laying at around six to eight months old. I would guess that yours will start laying in April or May.

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    Willow, Piper & Amelia are BEAUTIFUL! Willow looks just like my Olive. Thanks for the information. The waiting is killing me!!!

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