chicks combs *pics*


8 Years
Nov 24, 2011
I have been watching my chicks they are 4 weeks old now and my silkies seem to have completly different comb colours and size is this normal they were born on the same day ,is this a sure sign that one is a roo and the other a pullet ???

white silkie comb a light colour not red and no sign of wattles


blue silkie dark comb alot smaller


both together


This one im pretty sure is defo a roo


And this one im hopeing is a pullet born on the same day as the others


Thanks for your help
Silkies are hard to sex, and are notorious for fooling you.

However that said, the fact your white silkie's comb is already larger and sticking up at 4 weeks, I am betting its a boy. The blue silkie - no idea, you'll need to wait awhile.

the white single comb chick - definitely a boy

the last dark chick, so far looks girly.
I agree that the one with the light comb is a boy, but I do not agree that these are silkies. The closest birds you have to a silkie are the white and blue ones in the first pics. The rest are completely different breed mixes.

Purebred silkies have black skin (not red or yellow). They also have a very very distinct comb that looks a lot like a black brain sitting on their forehead (called a Walnut Comb, but I still think they look like a brain). Here's a pic of an extreme example (most silkies are so fluffy that you can't see their comb).

Whomever sold these birds to you is mixing their flock without regard to breed, or trying to develop 'silkied' versions of various breeds.

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