chicks cracked shell this mornng but not much else.....


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Sep 4, 2008
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I have seven eggs and they all made a small crack in the egg throughout the day but mostly this morning. only one has a small hole in the egg so far and it doesnt seem to get any bigger. should I assist at this point? or should i wait a little longer and see what happens?


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Jan 25, 2007
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Wait at least till day 22 or 24 hours after pip minimum to even think about getting close to the bator. All too often people want to help but end up losing the one they are helping and further compromising the rest of the hatch by opening the bator. If temps ran low, they could take up to 2-3 days post due to make it out. It is not unusual for some birds to take 48 hours after pip to make it out, and not unusual for there to be some speedy zippers pipped and out in 6 or less. You're at the hardest time in the incubation process to just sit back and try to wait it out. If you do deem that intervention is required, such as the the cheeps are getting more quiet, time is running really late and the membranes are too dry because the humidity was let out/not up enough, then there is a sticky under the reference in this section about assisted hatching. Good luck!

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