Chicks drinking too much water?


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Mar 7, 2009
Round Rock
Is it possible for chicks to drink too much water? The ones doing it are also the ones who sneeze all the time.

They eat well, and act like normal curious chicks, except for their water habit.

Their droppings are a bit watery, I assume from drinking so much water. No blood in the droppings, no nasal snottiness.

???? Are they just weird? Should I separate them from the rest of the chicks?
Ditto - I had the same problem and mine were too hot. They are around 1 week and the temperature in the brooder was too high. I lowered and things are better now.

It is around 85 degrees now and all is well.
They are approximately 12 days old. I keep the heat around 88-90 degrees, and have an accurate digital thermometer in the cage at all times. No one is panting or holding wings out. In fact they usually sprawl out right in front of the heat lamps (40-watt bulbs)
With both my batches of hatchery chicks I found that the recommended temps were too high (95-100 first week, etc.) The chicks would get as far away from the heat as they could until I raised the light or otherwise got the temp down. I measured it at their floor level, right under the heat lamp, with several different thermometers. My current 3 week olds like it around 70. They were avoiding the heat lamp during the day for the past week so now I am only turning it on at night; they are in their coop (south GA.)

I had a broody hatch and raise a lone chick in December-January in an unheated coop. It was outdoors running around at 3 weeks even with temps in the 40's. Of course it ran under Mom every little while to get warm for a few weeks, but still...

I don't deny that brand new chicks need warmth and no drafts. I just think you have to observe them and go with what they tell you.
I don't know if I mentioned that it's just a couple chicks out of 13 that are doing this....both Ameraucanas, if it makes any difference?? LOL
You must have been typing while I was. Sounds like they are telling you the heat is right for them!
Well, I have about 7 or 8 breeds, and they definitely vary -- some lie on the floor together, though not piled, and some get on the perch and spread out. There is a cardboard box in the coop, on its side, and some go in there and cuddle up at the back. The ones on the floor or perch are under the heat lamp.

But they all look comfy to me.... of course they vary somewhat in size, too. One looks to be a runt, a SS, and she lies off by herself on the floor. The BA roos like the perch.

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